Save Time! No more back and fourth calls to schedule estimates

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How It Works

  • 1

    We Add The Booking Tool To Your Site

    We will need your FTP user/password to your site

  • 2

    Connect Your Calendar

    You connect the calendar to a Google or Outlook calendar. If you don't have a calendar that's ok. They are fast, free and easy to setup.

  • 3

    Pick Dates When You Are Available To Estimate

    You mark yourself as available on your calendar

  • 4

    Visitors To Your Website Schedule Estimates

    Visitors pick a date and time based on your availability

  • 5

    Visitors Put In Their Contact Information

    They input their Name, Address, Email and Phone Number

  • 6

    Confirmations Are Emailed

    When they submit both you and the client get an email and the date is added to your calendar

  • 7

    Reminders Automatically Sent

    You and the customer get reminder emails the day before the appointment

  • 8

    Show Up, Estimate and Close The Deal

    The rest is up to you! You also have their phone number so you can always call to confirm the appointment.

Click Here To See How It Will Work For You!

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