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Step 1

Free Consultation

Book a call with Jeremy for a free consultation on how to get started with your App. He will let you know if your App passes a cost benefit analysis.

Step 2

Prototype & Plan

We’ll take your ideas and vision and create a clickable prototype that will showcase the app’s functionality and design.

Step 3

Code, Build & Launch!

Once we've started the build-out process, we'll continuously update you on your App's status and provide a full demo every two weeks.


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Book a call with Jeremy for a free consultation on how to get started with your App.


To App or Not To App

EVERY WEDNESDAY: How Apps are your vehicle to more money and how they can transform your business. Jeremy shares tips and tricks of the trade and answer the ultimate question - to app or not to app?

Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Jeremy Callahan, a.k.a. the App Man, specializes in developing software solutions for iPhone, Android, and Web Apps.

As both a web and App developer, I always conduct a thorough analysis of each project - every success and every failure - looking for ways to improve the process.

What I have learned in my career as a developer is that there are certain processes and principles that apply to every App development and launch, no matter the business or project. I am an expert at determining what it takes to get from idea to production-ready App. By now, I’ve seen it all. I can tell you exactly what bottlenecks will arise and how to work through them so they don’t derail your success. Every business or project is unique and different, but applying these core principles and processes will almost universally guarantee the project’s success.

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